Easily create high quality GIFs

Gifmock is a simple macOS application that helps you create high quality GIFs from your mockups. Import a video, or design your states in Sketch, hit ⌥⌘G, and you’re done.

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Yes, this GIF was created with Gifmock

Gifmock has been perfect for quickly communicating interactions with my team remotely. So much easier than anything I’ve tried in the past.

Buzz Usborne Principal Designer

Gifmock’s become a valuable tool in my design workflow. I use it to ensure clarity when communicating about UI animation with developers and product managers.

Juan Vaamonde Senior UI/UX Designer

I work on a highly interactive part of our product, being able to quickly turn a few artboards into a gif makes communicating with my team a lot faster.

Bradley Rodgers Lead Designer
App sketch
App slack

Communicate interactions

Design interaction states and instantly turn them into frames with our Sketch plugin. Crop the frames and tweak their timing, and then simply export the GIF to share it on Slack or wherever your team is. It’s the easiest way to get your idea across.

App aftereffects
App dribbble

Publish videos as animated GIFs

Design beautiful animations in After Effects. Then drag-and-drop your video to turn it into a GIF without compromising on quality and frame rate. It will even automatically combine identical frames so it’s ready for you to publish on Dribbble.

App keynote
App twitter

Create engaging social media assets

Import beautiful photos or Keynote slides into Gifmock. Change the timing of each frame, crop them all at once with real-time thumbnail preview. You now have a great animated GIF for you to use on Twitter that will increase engagement.

Video import

Video import

Drag and drop a video into Gifmock, and it will turn it into an animated GIF. It even removes duplicated frames for you.


Retina support

Create high quality GIFs in seconds. Simply append @2x or @3x to your file name, or set the export size in Sketch.


Per frame delay

Want to pause on a frame for a few seconds? Easy. Select that frame and set the delay of your choice.


No subscription

No obligation to purchase. Try it for 14 days and decide if you want to purchase Gifmock for a one-off $40 fee.


Smart cropping

No more one pixel shifts between frames. When cropping, frames are automatically being positioned in real time.


Unlimited frames

Tired of the 250 frames limitation? Export as many frames as you want, Gifmock will handle it.



We take the privacy and security of your work seriously. Everything is stored locally on your hard drive.


Built for Sketch

Gifmock was built with Sketch in mind. Select your artboards, and hit ⌥⌘G to turn them into GIF frames.


Frame sorting

Frames are alphanumerically sorted on import, so you spend less time ordering and more time fine-tuning your animation.